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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recovering data from crashed hard drives is our specialty.
Clicking, ticking, and scraping are just a few of the sounds made by a crashed drive.
These sounds generally indicate a physical failure within the hard drive. It could be bad heads, motor bearings, or even loose parts moving around inside.
On occasion some similar sounds may be generated by a problem in the circuitry.
One thing is for sure, If you are hearing abnormal noises coming from your computer or if it won't power up - you have a problem.

When you found this page, you found the solution to your problem. At DriveSolutions.com we have the equipment, technology, and experience to handle these issues.

Whether your failed drive came from a notebook, personal computer, Server, RAID, or PDA- it needs to be repaired first before any data can be extracted.
Our facility hosts a Lab built just for the purpose of drive repair and data recovery. We have been recovering data from drives thought to be unrecoverable by our customers and competitors alike for years. We know what it takes to bring drives back from the dead and extract every bit of usable data.

See how DriveSolutions.com can help you.

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