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About HIPAA Compliance

With the deadline for HIPAA compliancy on the horizon, all healthcare organizations and related entities must implement complete and effective security solutions that will protect their valuable information assets.

What does HIPAA stand for?
The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (August 21), Public Law 104-191, which amends the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986. Also known as the Kennedy-Kassebaum Act.


What portion of HIPAA is security related?
Title II includes a section, known as "Administrative Simplification," that requires:

  1. Improved efficiency in healthcare delivery by standardizing electronic data interchange, and
  2. Protection of confidentiality and security of health data through setting and enforcing standards.
What DriveSolutions.com has done to meet HIPAA compliancy standards-

We have implemented several new security measures to insure patient information confidentiality.

Software and hardware firewalls have been utilized to keep outsiders out.

Customer data is held on a separate server with no access from outside our Lab.

The only person who will ever see any information is the technician that is working on your hard drive recovery. All of our technicians are legally bound by our non-disclosure and confidentially agreements.

No data leaves our facility without your knowledge and consent.

We have taken every precautionary measure to ensure that patient information stays private.

Feel confident that your patients health information is securely protected and kept private

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