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Data Recovery Prices

If your drive is in working condition and you;
1) Accidentally deleted some files
2) Reformatted the drive
3) Reloaded the operating system
4) Lost your Outlook PST files
Your price for a successful recovery of your data is $389.00 regardless of storage capacity or form factor.

If your drive is non-operational;
(no power, clicking, grinding, locks up system, etc..)

When it comes to this type of recovery we can not offer a one price fits all price structure.
The price for an invasive recovery is determined by several variables.
We base our price primarily on the form factor of the drive, storage capacity of the drive and expected cost of parts and labor for a hard drive or other media.
We have been doing this for long enough to know what to expect in a worse case scenario and base our prices accordingly. This enables us to give you an exact price for the recovery service you need opposed to a wide price range. We offer you this price format because it is reasonable and fair.

When we give you a price quote ­ we stick to that price.

Call our staff of recovery consultants for a price quote.


Looking to stretch your dollar and get the best value for Data Recovery Service?

We are one of the most advanced service companies in the data recovery business.
No other company offering data recovery that has similar equipment and expertise comes close to our price for data recovery service.

We are a quality lab and we'll do everything possible to get your files recovered and back to you in a professional and timely manner.


Take a look at our Specials page to see if you qualify for a discount.


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