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HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

Apple Data Recovery Services specializes in recovering data from Apple notebook, PC, RAID, and Server hard drives as well as CD's, DVD's, Digital Camera Memory Cards and Flash Media such as a USB pen drive. provides Apple data recovery service and hard drive repair throughout the united states. Our data recovery lab is located in southern California however if you are in a different state we are only a day away by UPS or FedEx.

Request a quote for data recovery service by choosing the appropriate link to the right of the page.
Hard drive recovery, RAID recovery, Digital camera/ flash card recovery, or DVD recovery.

When you have an EMERGENCY situation and time is critical, choose our expedited service for the fastest turnaround possible.

Our goal is to get you back up and running in as little time as possible while providing excellent service in every aspect of the recovery process.

Call our staff of recovery consultants for an instant price quote or use our Online Quote Request Form.
A reply will be sent to you with an exact price for the service you need.

Are you a computer repair company or computer consultant?
Contact our director of business development to find out how to become a reseller of data recovery services.
A great way to add a new source of revenue with very little work on your part by adding a new service and expanding your companies offerings to the client.
or click on the reseller program link to the left and fill out the reseller application form then fax it back to us. It's that easy.


Apple hard drive data recovery services.

Apple computer models:

Macintosh 512K
Macintosh XL[2]
Macintosh Plus[3]
Macintosh 512Ke[4]
Macintosh SE
Macintosh SE FDHD
Macintosh Portable
Macintosh Classic
PowerBook 100
Macintosh II
Macintosh LC

Macintosh IIx
Macintosh SE/30
Macintosh IIcx
Macintosh IIci
Macintosh IIfx
Macintosh IIsi
Macintosh Classic II
Performa 200
PowerBook 140
PowerBook 170
Macintosh LC II
Performa 400
Performa 405
Performa 410
Performa 430
PowerBook 145
Macintosh IIvi
Performa 600/600CD
Macintosh IIvx
PowerBook 160
PowerBook 180
PowerBook Duo 210
PowerBook Duo 230
Macintosh Color Classic
Performa 250
Performa 275
Macintosh LC III
Performa 450
PowerBook 165c
Macintosh LC 520
PowerBook 180c
PowerBook 145B
PowerBook 165
Macintosh LC III+
Performa 460
Performa 466
Performa 467
Macintosh Color Classic II
Macintosh TV
PowerBook Duo 250
PowerBook Duo 270c
Macintosh LC 550
Performa 550
Performa 560
PowerBook 150
Macintosh Quadra 700
Macintosh Quadra 900
Macintosh Quadra 950
Macintosh Centris 650
Macintosh Quadra 800
Workgroup Server 80
Workgroup Server 95[5]
Macintosh Quadra 660AV
Macintosh Quadra 840AV
Macintosh Centris 660AV
Workgroup Server 60
Macintosh Quadra 610
Macintosh Quadra 650
Macintosh LC 630
Macintosh Quadra 630
Performa 630
Performa 630CD
Performa 631CD
Performa 635CD
Performa 636
Performa 636CD
Performa 637CD
Performa 638CD
Performa 640CD
PowerBook 550c
Macintosh Centris 610
Macintosh LC 475
Macintosh Quadra 605
Performa 475
Performa 476
Macintosh LC 575
Performa 575
Performa 576
Performa 577
Performa 578
PowerBook Duo 280
PowerBook Duo 280c
PowerBook 520
PowerBook 520c
PowerBook 540
PowerBook 540c
Macintosh LC 580
Performa 580CD
Performa 588CD
PowerBook 190
PowerBook 190cs

Power Macintosh 6100
Performa 6110CD
Performa 6112CD
Performa 6115CD
Performa 6116CD
Performa 6117CD
Performa 6118CD
Power Macintosh 7100
Power Macintosh 8100
Workgroup Server 6150
Workgroup Server 8150
Workgroup Server 9150
Power Macintosh 7200
Power Macintosh 8200
Power Macintosh 7500
Workgroup Server 7250
Power Macintosh 5200 LC
Performa 5200CD
Performa 5210CD
Performa 5215CD
Performa 5220CD
Power Macintosh 6200
Performa 6200CD
Performa 6205CD
Performa 6210CD
Performa 6214CD
Performa 6216CD
Performa 6218CD
Performa 6220CD
Performa 6230CD
Power Macintosh 5300 LC
Performa 5300CD (DE)
Performa 5320CD
PowerBook 5300c/ce/cs
PowerBook Duo 2300c
Power Macintosh 5260 LC
Performa 5260CD
Performa 5270CD
Performa 5280CD
Performa 6260CD
Performa 6290CD
Performa 6300CD
Performa 6310CD
Power Macintosh 6300/120
Performa 6320
Power Macintosh 4400
Performa 4400
PowerBook 1400c/cs
Power Macintosh 5400 LC
Performa 5400CD
Performa 5410CD
Performa 5420CD
Performa 5430CD
Performa 5440CD
Power Macintosh 6400
Performa 6400
Performa 6360[6]
Power Macintosh 5500
Power Macintosh 6500
PowerBook 3400
20th Anniversary Macintosh
PowerBook 2400
Power Macintosh 8500
Power Macintosh 9500
Workgroup Server 8550
Power Macintosh 7600
Power Macintosh 8500
Power Macintosh 9500
Power Macintosh 7600
Workgroup Server 8550
Power Macintosh 7300
Power Macintosh 8600
Power Macintosh 9600
Workgroup Server 7350
Workgroup Server 9650
Power Macintosh 8600
Power Macintosh 9600
Workgroup Server 9650
Power Macintosh G3 (Beige)
PowerBook G3
Macintosh Server G3 (Beige)
Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White)
Macintosh Server G3 (Blue & White)
Power Mac G4
Macintosh Server G4
Power Mac G4 Cube
Power Mac G4
PowerBook G4
Macintosh Server G4
Power Mac G4 Cube[7]
Power Mac G4
Macintosh Server G4
PowerBook G4
iMac G4
Power Mac G4
PowerBook G4
Macintosh Server G4
iMac G4
iBook G4
PowerBook G4
PowerBook G4
iBook G4
Mac mini
Power Mac G5
Xserve G5
Power Mac G5
iMac G5
Power Mac G5

MacBook Pro
Mac mini
Mac mini

Mac Pro
MacBook Pro
Mac mini
Mac Pro

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
If your hard drive is making noise such as clicking or grinding it will need to be rebuilt before data can be recovered.

That's our specialty!
RAID Data Recovery
Don't let your failed RAID Array halt your company's production. We will recover your RAID and get you back up and running in a timely manner.

You can count on us.
Digital Camera Photo Recovery
Reformatted memory card, Deleted pictures, or photos mysteriously vanished We'll get them back for you or you don't pay a cent.
ZIP disk, Floppy Disk

Cant access data, scratched or damaged media, lost files Let us help!

Our professional team of Data Recovery Experts performs data recovery on the following platforms, operating systems and media:

  • Notebook
  • Desktop
  • Server
  • RAID
  • NAS
Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux
Storage Media
  • Hard Drives
  • DVD-RW
  • CD-R
  • Jump Drive
  • Floppy Disk
  • Flash Media
  • Iomega Jaz Disk
  • Iomega Zip Disk
  • Various memory cards


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