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Other Services We Offer

Our Virus removal and Spyware removal services are included in the cost of our invasive data recovery service.
These services are also available on their own for a small charge.

Data Transfer / Media Conversion

Update your old storage media. Transfer data from one form of storage media to another. The Source media can be different than the target media. Example- Transfer data from CD to DVD or DVD to hard drive.
We will transfer your data from up to 5 source disks (floppy, CD, DVD, hard drive) to a single target disk (CD, DVD, hard drive) for one low price of $150.00.

Virus Removal

Know you are safe from Trojan viruses lurking on your hard drive laying in wait to unleash havoc.
We will scan your computer for viruses and remove them.

Eliminate Identity Theft on your PC or Notebook Hard Drive

Spyware Removal

Insure your personal information is out of the reach of others now. It is a costly and time consuming undertaking to clean up the mess after you have been victimized by the theft of your identity.
We will scan your computer for Spyware and remove them.
With a regular routine in place you can greatly decrease the chances of others getting a hold of your private info. We offer a privacy protection plan you can count on.

Disk Wipe

We will permanently delete the information by actually overwriting all of the data on your hard drive ­ rendering it unrecoverable - so you can feel confident that sensitive information is completely eliminated.
Think about where your drive may end up when you trade it up for a newer drive. It's going to be resold to the next guy, possibly an identity thief.
Have you had a virus attack and even though you removed the virus and reloaded the operating system the computer has never been the same?
There are many scenarios that call for a complete wipe of the drive.
The result of our Disk Wipe service is the equivalent of starting out with a new drive right out of the manufacturers' box.

As a Courtesy to our Customers

Warranty Return Service

After our professional team of recovery technicians has successfully recovered your data we will return your failed hard drive (under warranty) to the manufacturer and have a new replacement sent directly to you.


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