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Why Choose Us?

All data recovery service companies are not the same.

Your chances of a successful recovery decrease with every attempt.

You may only get 1 attempt at recovery before catastrophic failure.

Don't Risk It!!

While searching the web for a data recovery service you will find there are many options to choose from however, most companies offering this service only perform what is referred to as a logical recovery. A logical recovery is a software solution. This is the extent of their capabilities.

If your drive can't be recognized by your computer or it's making abnormal noises like clicking, this type of recovery won't work. If you choose to send your drive to the lowest bidder- an attempt at a logical recovery is what you get for your money. You might as well take the drive to a big name computer retailer with a service center and let them take a crack at recovering your critical data.

If the hard drive is making a clicking, ticking, or thumping noise it must be serviced in a cleanroom environment by trained professionals. This noise usually indicates a broken head(s). An attempt at a logical recovery could cause more damage to the drive and possibly escalate the damage making a successful recovery impossible even for a professional.

Very few of the companies you find offering data recovery service actually have a cleanroom and the equipment and technology needed to perform invasive operations on a hard drive. Many of those companies send us their jobs that require invasive work.

Cut out the middle man - save time and money.

Largest parts library of donor drives in the industry.

Many times when a hard drive has failed it is due to physical damage within the hard drive. It could be a broken head, a seized motor or some other moving parts. All hard drives fail at some point, unfortunately it always seems to happen right before you were about to back up your data. It's Murphy's Law and it can happen to anyone.

When parts are needed to get the job done right, there's a much greater chance that we will have the parts in stock and not waste time searching for them.

You may be thinking- Why do they need parts; I don't want the hard drive fixed? Unfortunately, in order for the data to be recovered it needs to be on a working drive.

In many cases our extensive inventory of hard to find hard drives allows us to recover data in a much timelier manner than our competitors.

Many data recovery labs around the world buy hard drives for parts from us.

Parts can be difficult to find for a hard drive that was manufactured more than a few months ago. A drive that is years old can be very challenging to find parts for and in some cases nearly impossible.

We understand your data is important to you and you want it back ASAP.

Our goal is to get you back up and running in as little time as possible while providing excellent service in every aspect of the recovery process.

Reasonable and Fair Prices

Many of our competitors will give you a price range.
If you receive a price quote of $800.00 - $2800.00 and you send that company your drive hoping the bottom line will fall near the low end of that price range- you will more than likely be disappointed. That's an expensive gamble.

We give you an exact price for our data recovery service.
The bottom line up front. We find people appreciate this honest approach.

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